West Nottingham juniors help win in Midlands Championships

A Midland Championships for primary school children was held at Leicester Grammar School on Saturday 10th February

Four counties competed: Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Northants and Leicestershire. Our teams were very successful, winning both the Under 11s and Girls tournaments and finishing 2nd in the Under 9s.

The following members of our club played for the Nottingham teams in the Midlands Team Championships last Saturday in Leicester.

Under 11 (teams of 12)

1. Nottingham 25pts, Warwickshire 20pts, Northants 14.5pts, Leicester 12.5pts

Our players: Alexandra Arlachova, Aidan Elston, Joseph Hurst, Arjuna Mendis, Mankaran Punglia, Maksim Krasnov, Joshua Smith, Jonah Tomsett, Joshua Schofield.

Under 9 (teams of 8)

1. Warwickshire 19pts, Nottingham 11pts, Leicester 10.5pts, Northants 7.5pts

Our player: James Golding

Girls Teams (teams of 4)

1. Nottingham 'A' 10.5pts, Warwickshire 6pts, Leicestershire 4pts, Nottingham 'B' 3.5pts

And of course John Crawley was there as part of the successful coaching squad. Well done to all the players!