Our juniors supremely satisfied at megafinals

Many of our juniors found success at the second stage of the UK Chess Challenge 2018.

As usual, the Nottinghamshire Megafinal was held at Nottingham High School, on Saturday May 5th. With the qualifying scores reduced to 3.5 points there were better chances to get through.

Here are our qualifiers:

U8 Girls
Kate Hurst: Suprema

U9 Boys
James Golding

U10 Boys
Maxim Krasnov: Supremo
Jonah Tomsett
Daniel Allsop
Charlie Brown

U11 Boys
Joseph Hurst: Supremo
Arjuna Mendis
Mankaran Punglia
Joshua Smith

U11 Girls
Alexandra Arlachova: Suprema

U12 Boys
Kian Chan: Supremo

U12 Girls
Lavanya Maladkar: Suprema

U13 Boys
Armaan Gogia: Supremo
Vidura Mendis

U13 Girls
Susie Wang: Suprema

U14 Boys
Aditya Munshi: Supremo

U14 Girls
Anita Somton: Suprema

U15 Boys
Jonah Willow: Supremo

U15 Girls
Ritika Maladkar: Suprema

Finally, Asta Knight went to the Derbyshire Megafinal and qualified as Suprema for the U14 Girls.

The next stage is the Gigafinal, with a Midlands Gigafinal at Solihull and a Northern Gigafinal at Manchester. Both events are in July. Good luck to all our players!