Club events

Results of the 2022 Club Championships Blitz

The Paul Mould Shield was a 7-round blitz, 3mins +2s increments.

The Paul Mould Shield 2022

1 Hambel Willow 6.5
2 Eldars Gulijevs 5
3 Andrew Watson 5
4= Tomas Matthews-Asensio 4
4= Vidura Mendis 4
4= Nigel Marshall 4
4= Frank Richmond 4


Hambel retains the Paul Mould Shield for another year. Eldars Gulijevs is the Junior Club Champion. See chess-results for the final ranking crosstable.

Results of the 2019 Club Championships and Lightning Tournament

The Paul Mould Shield and U11s were held over 5 rounds, the U14s and Lightning were 4 rounds. The Open was a graded standardplay and the U14s a graded rapidplay.

The Paul Mould Shield 2019

1= Armaan Gogia 4
1= Hambel Willow 4
3= Nigel Marshall 2.5
3= Simon Scott 2.5
5 Robert Willougby 2
6 John Crawley 1.5
7 Ed Jones 0.5


The Junior Competitions

Under 14s

1 Kian Chan 3pts
2 Joseph Hurst 2.5pts
3 Alexandra Arlachova 2.5pts
4 Maksim Krasnov 1.5pts

Under 11s


Tomas Matthews-Asensio

Other results to follow


Open Lightning Tournament 2019


Jonah Willow 4pts
2nd Antony Clare 3pts
3rd= Hambel Willow 2pts
3rd= Susie Wang 2pts
3rd= Armaan Gogia 2pts
6th Robert Willoughby 1pt
7th Nigel Marshall 0pts

Junior Session Lightning Tournament 2019


Alexandra Arlachova 3pts
2nd= Kian Chan 2pts
2nd= Daniel Allsop 2pts
2nd= Kate Hurst 2pts
2nd= Joseph Hurst 2pts
2nd= Sebastian Griffin-Young 2pts
7th= Yusuf Karimjee 1pt
7th= Charlie Brown 1pt
9th= Jasmine Allsopp 0pts
9th= Tomas Matthews-Asensio 0pts